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Leverage cloud based AI tools to turn your text to speech and speech to text in multiple languages. Access deeper video and audio analytics to monetize your content beyond limits.

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We Offer The Best Service For You

There are several companies offering speech to talk and talk to speech solutions, but our service has some key advantages:

Archival Monetization

-Detect and search objects in image archival

-Search for objects in a video library

-Generate speed and accuracy while creating new content

Text to Speech in Same language

-Small text or articles in realtime

-Create large text and books into audio format

-Most natural sounding voice

Realtime Translation

-Write in another language while it’s being spoken.

Realtime Transcription

-Write while you speak. Convert voice to text in realtime

Who we are?

ThoughtIn creates Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech solutions for any type of application, by using artificial intelligence. Our voices sound natural and are ready to be used in different professional fields.
We partner with multiple companies giving them a solution that works in every language, with the ability to translate the texts in real time.
Our main offices are in Cluj-Napoca and in London

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Why Choose Transvice


Traditional services are slow and sometimes require hours because of their dependencies on manual effort. ThoughtIn is fast and easy to use


ThoughtIn is over 95% accurate, the words are spoken or written properly in context.

Natural sound

No matter how advanced a speech service claims to be, there is always a sense of mechanical voice whenever we play. ThoughtIn has a natural sound, ready to be used in professional fields (media, customer service etc).

We Have Experienced Translating Services

Anytime, anywhere

The service is available all the time on any device, ready to be used by multiple users inside the same account. Try and experiment anywhere, anytime, explore the multiple options. Conversion starts instantly and the AI is capable to identify multiple voices.

Affordable price

You’ll pay exactly as much as you use. A fair and affordable price for multiple purposes, multiple users and many other opportunities.

Ready to be integrated in your apps

Apart from other similar services, available in limited environments, we offer custom integration solutions in your apps. ThoughtIn could be adapted to suit your needs, being available and fully functional to meet your specific requirements.

Blog & Article

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With us, you can reduce costs without sacrificing quality; whatever your goals are, Thought In. is the AI-powered translation management system (TMS) that enables you to do your project in a breeze.