Do you know who are your clients?

Stay in front of your competition with Publisher Analytics

Stop looking on multiple platforms

Have all of your data in one place and learn more about your clients. No more assumptions, but more certainties. What are your data sources? We can gather your data from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Your CRM
  • Social Media Statistics
  • 3rd party platform

Use cases


Content optimization

Finding inactivity on specific categories


Self Service Analytics

Centralize Data Warehouse

Predictive Analytics


1. Connect all available data sources and build a data warehouse

2. Build automated reports and dashboards with Insights and self Service Analytics.

3. Predictive Analytics (Visitor, Churn, Purchase etc)


360 degree view of business data

Foundation to AI and ML

Automated data transfer

Make data insights accessible

Path to data driven decision making

Reduces time to complete business critical sales reports

Self Service Dashboard

What data do your teams rely on for daily operations?

ThoughtIn Analytics shows you information about:


Bounce rates by Author/Pages/Topic

Unique monthly site visitors

How many unique monthly site visitors are paid subscribers

Paid Subscribers

Top Searched Pages and those with high Bounce Rate

Most Popular Article/Author/Topic

Audience insights

Build Audience Segmentation for Most Popular Articles

Divide Users in Potential Categories like First Timer/Frequent/Loyal

Identify how one of your segments is performing

Identify data about visitor's demographics

Identify keywords they are using to find your site and understand the bounce rate

What Articles, Author, Topic , Category are reading





Pages / Session

Sessions / User

Avg. Session Duration

Pages per user

% New Sessions

Bounce Rate

Time on Page

New Users

Returning Users

Unique Pageviews

Avg. Time

% of Traffic coming from Where

+ many more

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